Framingham State University (Henry Whittemore Library)

The Henry Whittemore Library is a vital, vibrant part of the Framingham State University community.  Through dedicated customer service, the Library supports and advances the University’s academic and cultural missions by providing current and relevant resources and technologies. The Library is a seven level structure that also contains classrooms, academic departments and other facilities and includes spacious reading areas, a Café and wireless access throughout. In addition to the Library’s main collection, patrons have access to the Curriculum Library with children’s literature, resources for Education majors, and online materials from NASA. The Library’s Special Collections has rare books on the history of education, American poetry and travel, cookbooks, and the Christa McAuliffe collection. The Archives includes photographs, videotapes, journals, and documents related to the history of the University.

  • 100 State Street
    Framingham, MA 01701
  • 508-626-4650
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Henry Whittemore Library at Framingham State

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