Independence Day

Celebrate Independence Day with one of these great books about the founding of America.

Title Author
A is for the American Revolution : a historic scavenger hunt through the events of April 19, 1775 Aidan Dwyer
Revolutionary War almanac John C Fredriksen
Fusiliers : the saga of a British Redcoat regiment in the American Revolution Mark Urban
Renegade revolutionary : the life of General Charles Lee Phillip Papas
Revolutionary generation : Harvard men and the consequences of independence Conrad Edick Wright
American treasures : the secret efforts to save the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address Stephen Puleo
Rochambeau, Washington's ideal lieutenant : a French general's role in the American Revolution Jini Jones Vail
Founding fathers : the fight for freedom and the birth of America K M Kostyal
The politically incorrect guide to the Founding Fathers Brion T McClanahan
The American Revolution : a concise history Robert J Allison
George Washington's military genius Dave Richard Palmer
Did America have a Christian founding? : separating modern myth from historical truth Mark David Hall
Founding myths : stories that hide our patriotic past Ray Raphael
George Washington's enforcers : policing the Continental Army Harry M Ward
Henry Knox and the Revolutionary War trail in Western Massachusetts Bernard A Drew
In the words of women : the Revolutionary War and the birth of the nation, 1765-1799 Louise V North
The Virginia dynasty : four presidents and the creation of the American nation Lynne V Cheney
American rebels : how the Hancock, Adams, and Quincy families fanned the flames of revolution Nina Sankovitch
The Rhode Island campaign : the first French and American operation in the Revolutionary War Christian M McBurney
The martyr and the traitor : Nathan Hale, Moses Dunbar, and the American Revolution Virginia DeJohn Anderson
Friends of liberty : Thomas Jefferson, Tadeusz Kościuszko, and Agrippa Hull : a tale of three patriots, two revolutions, and a tragic betrayal of freedom in the new nation Gary B Nash
The Founding Fathers reconsidered Richard B Bernstein
The day the Revolution ended, 19 October 1781 William H Hallahan
The letters of John and Abigail Adams John Adams
Boy soldiers of the American Revolution Caroline Cox
The men who lost America : British leadership, the American Revolution, and the fate of the empire Andrew Jackson O'Shaughnessy
General George Washington : a military life Edward G Lengel
Boston, 1775 : the shot heard around the world Brendan Morrissey
The revolutionary Paul Revere Joel Miller
Washington's spies : the story of America's first spy ring Alexander Rose
Cradle of violence : how Boston's waterfront mobs ignited the American Revolution Russell Bourne
Taxes, the tea party, and those revolting rebels : a history in comics of the American Revolution Stanley Mack
American dialogue : the founders and us Joseph J Ellis
Washington's general : Nathanael Greene and the triumph of the American Revolution Terry Golway
Our Declaration : a reading of the Declaration of Independence in defense of equality Danielle S Allen
The people's war : original voices of the American Revolution Noel Rae
World of trouble : a Philadelphia Quaker family's journey through the American Revolution Richard Godbeer
Ethan Allen : his life and times Willard Sterne Randall
Founders as fathers : the private lives and politics of the American revolutionaries Lorri Glover
Frontier rebels : the fight for independence in the American west, 1765-1776. Patrick Spero
Alexander Hamilton : the outsider Jean Fritz
The constitutional origins of the American Revolution Jack P Greene
The American Revolution (1754-1805)
Nathan Hale : the life and death of America's first spy M William Phelps
George Washington, gentleman warrior Stephen Brumwell
The three lives of James Madison : genius, partisan, president Noah Feldman
The unknown American Revolution : the unruly birth of democracy and the struggle to create America Gary B Nash
The miracle of American independence : twenty ways things could have turned out differently Jonathan R Dull
British soldiers, American war : voices of the American Revolution Don N Hagist
The American Revolution : writings from the pamphlet debate. I, 1764-1772