The Bram Stoker Awards

The Awards have been presented annually since 1987, and the winners are selected by ballot of the Active members of the Horror Writers Association. They are named after Irish horror writer Bram Stoker, author of the novel Dracula, among others

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2021 Award Winners

Past Award Winners


Christopher Golden |  2017 Novel

Strange Weather

Joe Hill |  2017 Fiction Collection

Soft Apocalypses

Lucy A Snyder |  2014 Fiction Collection

Flesh Eaters

Joe McKinney |  2011 Novel

The Corn Maiden

Joyce Carol Oates |  2011 Fiction Collection

Full Dark, No Stars

Stephen King |  2010 Fiction Collection

A Taste of Tenderloin

Gene O'Neill |  2009 Fiction Collection

Duma Key

Stephen King |  2008 Novel

Just After Sunset

Stephen King |  2008 Fiction Collection

The Missing

Sarah Langan |  2007 Novel

Proverbs for Monsters

Michael A Arnzen|  2007 Fiction Collection

5 Stories

Peter Straub|  2007 Fiction Collection

Destinations Unknown

Gary A Braunbeck |  2006 Fiction Collection

20th Centry Ghosts

Joe Hill |  2005 Fiction Collection

Fearful Symmetries

Thomas F Monteleone |  2004 Fiction Collection

Peaceable Kingdom

Jack Ketchum |  2003 Fiction Collection

One More For the Road

Ray Bradbury |  2002 Fiction Collection

Magic Terror

Peter Straub |  2000 Fiction Collection

Award Winners